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D-265H Intelligent Kinematic Viscometer

1. reference standard: ASTM D445

2. The instrument can set the viscometer coefficient, automatically complete the signal sampling, parameter calculation, print results, etc.

3. Temperature of water bath: room temperature ~ 100.00℃±0.01℃

4. bath capacity: 20L

5. Timing range: 0.0s~9999.9s

GD-261D Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester

1. Reference standard: ASTM D93

2. Ignition: gas flame, electronic ignition

3. Temperature range: Ambient to 300℃

4. Input power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz

5. Accessories contained:

1) 1 x Oil cup

2) 1 x Power supply wire (250V 6A)

3) 1 x Printing paper

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GD-4052 Digital Density Meter

1. designed refer to ASTM D4052

2. Automatic injection, easy to operate.

3. Measuring range: 0~1.9999g/cm³, accuracy is ±0.001g/cm³

4. Sample dosage: 2ml / time(automatic sampling)

5. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40℃

6. Constant temperature control: 20±0.1℃

7. Data storage: 80 groups

Petroleum Products Colorimeter

1. Reference standard: ASTM D1500

2. Chroma: standard colors of #1-25, glass sheets.

3. Standard light source: the light source uses 220V, 100W, the inner frosted milk shell bulb with a temperature (color temperature) of 2750±50K is the standard light source

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GD-262A Aniline Point Tester

1. reference standard: ASTM D611, ISO2977.

2. It is equipped with two sets of test devices—heavy oil (dark petroleum products) test device and light oil (light-colored petroleum products) test device.

3. Adopts the digital display PID temperature controller with high temperature control accuracy, stable and reliable performance.

D-4294 XRF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

1. reference standards: ASTM D4294 / ISO 8754.

2. Measuring range: 17 ppm to 5%.

3. It comes with 8-inch wide viewing angle capacitive touch screen.

4. It has a large amount of data storage. 5. It has the function of automatic peak stabilization.

6. It selects the working curve by default, without user intervention.

7. The user can select the measurement result unit, ppm or (m/m)%.

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GD-2430A Automatic Freezing Point Tester

1. reference standard: ASTM D1177, ASTM D2386

2. It can can perform parallel tests of two test tubes at the same time.

3. Freezing point range: -54℃~2℃, detection accuracy: ±0.1℃

4. Temperature control of cold bath: - 70℃~30℃, temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

5. Sample stirring: electromechanical control stirring (60~80)r/min